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Get A Free Lolita Bracelet

Dear, welcome to Sololita!

From now on, you can get a beautiful lolita bracelet for free when you placed an order on our shop, Just follow the simple steps below to get it:

1.CHECK the "Get A Free Bracelet" option

You will find a "Get A Free Bracelet" option on the checkout page (as the pic below), If you want to get one, Please CHECK the option, Then we will randomly choose a bracelet, and send it to you with your order.

2.Don't want a random bracelet?

If you don't want a random bracelet, Please view the Lolita Bracelets category, then use the "Leave a Message" option on the checkout page (as the pic below) to tell us the SKU or the links of the bracelet which you want, then we will send it to you with your order.

3.What do I need to do?

*** All you only to do is write a review or a short message about our product on your network (such as: your facebook page, your blog ....) after receiving your order :) ***

4.Want to get more discounts?

Please send the links of your reviews on your network to us (Email: [email protected]), when we receive it, we would like to give you $5 coupon code as thanks. And in the future you will enjoy more discounts priority in our shop:)

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